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SAPPA acoustic panels represent today the most innovative and sustainable solution dedicated to acoustic comfort. Made from hemp, a rapidly renewable natural raw material, and natural mineral-based binder (cement-free).

For interior use, walls and ceilings.

acoustic panel hemp
our material
acoustic panel hemp

Our Material

Our products are made from chopped

stem chips of the hemp plant.

These chips are industrial debris left over from the plant as a result of the process of removing the fiber thus producing a ZERO WASTE product.

Our material create a negative cycle of CO2 emissions,

It produces no garbage,  and easy to recycle-

A complete Cradle-to-Cradle design.

Hemp plant- hanfpflanze
SAPPA- Hemp acoustic panels

 HEMP is a collective name for a variety of non-psychoactive strains of Cannabis sativa, which is used mainly for industrial purposes

The hemp plant needs little water, does not use any pesticides and is resistant to climate change.

 the fields are densely sown and within a few months the hemp grows to a huge height of 2-4 meters

SAPPA- Hemp acoustic panels
Sustainable Hemp fields
Sustainable Hemp fields
SAPPA- Hemp acoustic panels

Because of its ideal growing conditions, it can capture atmospheric carbon twice as efficiently as forests while creating a negative cycle of CO2 emission during its production

The stem chips are the residual part of the decorticating process and  our raw material, transforming the Hemp into a Zero Waste plant

SAPPA- Hemp acoustic panels
Sustainable Hemp fields
Acoustic panel

SAPPA acoustic panels-
a Game Changer in the market- WHY?

Hanf akustik Paneele


Made from 100% natural materials

Hanf akustik Paneele

Fire resistant 

Naturally fire-safe,
without flame retardants

Hanf akustik Paneele

Sound absorption 

Optimal sound absorption capabilities

Hanf akustik Paneele

Design options

Design and aesthetic values



SAPPA panels GmbH

Via Venosta 33 | Vinschgauer Straße 33

I-39023 Oris | Eyrs (BZ)


VAT  |  MwSt. Nr. |  Part. IVA

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